It is an office practice to use the phone and emails to communicate especially when you have various branches outside your city. The only problem encountered to this system is that it is highly costly to the company when it comes to the phone bills since you will be charged by long distance calls. Thus, the invention of PABX System is introduced to the business world.

PABX System means Private Automatic Branch System. This is the upgraded version of pabx telephone system wherein the major difference is the fact that PABX is already automated while PBX is manually operated.

The old practice in phone calls was somehow difficult especially if you are calling outside the city. You will have a hard time connecting through an operator and there are times that you will fail to connect. This will cost you your clients.

Businesses do not want to lose their clients especially when it is just a matter of phone-related issues that is why PABX is now being utilized by most companies, especially the large ones.

One of the reasons why companies shift to PABX is the fact that they will really cut their expenses in their utility bills. There will be no more long distance charges because PABX is created specifically to address concerns on out-of-town calls as well as connecting to mobile phones an even the faster linkage to the Internet.

Aside from saving costs, PABX builds stronger communication system to the entire company. There will be no more reasons not to communicate with your branches any time you want. It is very fast and easy to use. VOIP PBX, Avaya PBX or the IP Phone system are three of the most utilized PABX system in the office. It is easy to control and it has a caller ID to know the caller as well as its contact numbers. You can even retrieve the history of the callers in case you missed to answer the call. It is indeed a very useful tool to the business operations.

Lastly, this communication system bridges the gap between the company and their clients. You can reach your clients anytime you. Also, your clients can reach you easily with only a very small percentage of unsuccessful attempts of calls.

Overall, PABX System is an asset to your company. This is one system that you should already adapt as early as now.